How many points does Liverpool need to earn the English Premier League title?


= The Liverpool team continued to win the 23rd victory over West Ham United, 2-0, in the match that brought the two teams to the London Olympic Stadium.

After Liverpool over West Ham United in the postponed round, the Reds are only 24 points away from winning the English Premier League title.

It is possible that the day they won the title officially for the Liverpool team on April 4 2020 is the date they won the title, which is the day corresponding to the Reds’ match with Manchester City.

Liverpool has 70 points in the Premier League table, Manchester City with 51 points, and Leicester behind with 48 points in third place, and Chelsea fourth with 40 points.

The Manchester United team holds the record as soon as he won the English Premier League title, and that was in the 2000-2001 season when he achieved the English Premier League on April 14, 2001, five weeks before the season ended.


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