How many smartphones did Apple sell in 2019?


A company report revealed Strategy Analytics For analyzes about Apple selling nearly 60 million headphones AirPods In 2019, ahead of any competitor, the company also discovered that Apple holds more than half of the wireless headphones market, while each of its closest competitors owned less than 10% of the market share.

According to the British “Business Insider”, she explained Strategy Analytics This is not a very surprising thing because Apple launched headphones AirPods For the first time in 2016, thanks to a price AirPodsApple has not only dominated market share, but also revenue from all wireless headset sales.

The company maintained 71% of the total revenue of wireless headphones, despite the price AirPods It starts from $ 160, while the price starts AirPods Pro Level above $ 250.

This is encouraging for Apple, as it looks to reduce its dependence on iPhone sales, although Tim Cook, the company’s CEO is still optimistic about the long-term prospects of the smart phone industry, and his denial that the industry peaked last month, but it is clear that phones IPhone is not as strong as it was before.

In Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings report for fiscal year 2019, which ended on September 28, the company said iPhone sales achieved $ 33.36 billion in revenue, a decrease of nearly 9% of $ 36.76 billion in revenue from phone sales during the fourth fiscal quarter of 2018 .

On the other hand, Daniel Ives, a prominent analyst at Apple, expected sales to continue AirPods On the rise, it is likely to increase by more than 50% to reach 90 million.


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