How much do YouTube stars earn for watching their videos? The 100 thousand at 500 dollars


While watching YouTube videos is simply seen as a fun pastime, many lucky people have now managed to get a job by posting videos on Google’s video site, and recently many YouTube users revealed how to profit from the site, And how much they earn for their videos.

While talking to Business Insider , Three influencers revealed the amount that YouTube pays for videos whose number ranges between 100,000 views, up to 150 million views.

Their announcement comes shortly after Forbes revealed the 10 best stars on YouTube for 2019, with eight-year-old Ryan Kagi topping the list with an impressive $ 26 million.

The price of 100 thousand views

YouTube star “Natalie Barbo” has confirmed that videos with 100 thousand views can get between 500 dollars (384 pounds) and 1000 dollars (770 pounds).

“Barbo” channel currently has more than 257,000 subscribers, with 20 of her videos achieving over 100,000 views so far.

She explained that the amount she earns for each video really depends on the number of ads included in each video. For example, a video clip on her channel contains about 100 thousand views, only $ 100 (76 pounds), and she included only one ad with it.

And in her conversation to Business Insider She said, “You can’t just assume that you’ll earn 27,000 dollars in the first year, overall, it’s something that grows over time.”

Price per million views

Things go better once the videos reach one million views, according to YouTube stars Marina Mugelko, Kevin David, Austin Alexander and Shelby Church, and while all of these four influencers have videos with one million views, the amount they earn varies greatly.

Church videos earn between $ 2,000 (£ 1,540) and $ 5,000 (£ 3,850), while Alexander earns around $ 6,000 (£ 4,617).

Meanwhile, Mugelko can earn $ 10,000 for a video clip with one million views, while David gets a whopping $ 40,000 (£ 30,780).

According to YouTube users, enabling all advertising options helps make their profits, as well as extend videos for 10 minutes.

The price of 150 million views

A YouTube user has revealed the amount of his video with 150 million views, as Paul Kosky publishes videos about rifles Nerf On his channel, and has recently generated 150 million views on a video called “Nerf War: Tank Battle“.

According to Kosky, this video earned him $ 97,000 (£ 74,640)!


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