How to get God’s satisfaction .. 13 things that make you happy, comfortable and peace of mind


Allah satisfaction.. every servant who believes in God – Glory be to Him – seeks that God be pleased with him and loves him, so that he is happy, reassuring and comfortable in his life, and that he attains all goodness in his end, and that the attainment of God’s pleasure – the Almighty – is to follow his orders and move away from what he forbade, and draw him closer to him with supplication and worship, Resorting to it in all the details of different life, and sensing its existence in every step the Muslim takes.
It is incumbent upon everyone who wanted God’s pleasure and sought to be keen on doing the works that God loves and pleases, and away from his discontent, so he believes in God Almighty, learns what God Almighty wanted from him, complies with his orders and avoids his intentions, and that he is saved in his worship following the year of His Messenger – Muhammad upon him Prayers and Peace- The texts of the Noble Qur’an and the texts of the Prophet’s Sunnah show what God loves His servants to do, what He loves to leave, and what is mentioned even The servant gets the satisfaction of Allah Glory be to Him:

1. Allah be pleased with thankful believers who are loyal to the Almighty and returned it, as stated in saying Glorified and Exalted: «do not find people who believe in Allah and the day Iwadon sharp Allah and His Messenger, even if they were their fathers, or their sons or their brothers or their clan those books in their hearts Faith and support them in a spirit from it and enter them into paradise that flow from under it the rivers are immortal in which God, may God be pleased with him They are the peasant. ”

2- God Almighty loves His servants the spices who, when they sinned, committed any sin that they returned to, and sought forgiveness for, and repented to Him, and the purified ones who are always on the purity. God said – Glory be to Him: “God loves those who repent and loves those who are purified.”

3- Fearful, pious, and benevolent. God Almighty said: “God loves the benevolent,” those who are distressed, those who trust, those who are patient, and those who follow the Messenger – peace and blessings be upon him -.

4- God Almighty mentioned in the Holy Qur’an the qualities that he hates, for He does not love the disbelievers, the aggressors, the unjust, the spoilers, the treacherous, and the wasteful, and he does not like those who were fictitious, proud, or a sinner.

– As for the Sunnah of the Prophet, many prophetic traditions abound in the hadiths that God Almighty loves and satisfies, and works that God Almighty dislikes, and among these hadiths:

5- What the great companion Saad Bin Abi Waqas narrated was that he was in his camel (his son Omar came to him, and when Saad saw him, he said: I seek refuge in God from the evil of this passenger, and he came down and said to him: You descended into your camels and sheep and left the people fighting the king between them? And Saad struck in his chest He said: Shut up! I heard the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, saying: (God loves the slave, the rich, the hidden, the hidden)); in this hadith is a statement that God Almighty loves from His servants the pious slave who has money to spend in secret.

6- Among the hadiths that show what God Almighty loves from his faithful servants, on the authority of Muath Bin Jabal – may God be pleased with him – he said: “I asked the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, prayers and prayers: Which works do I love to God? He said: “Your tongue will die wet from the remembrance of God.” In this hadith is a statement that one of the deeds that God Almighty loves and satisfies from His servants is the abundance of the Almighty and Exalted.

7- What God Almighty loves also is that the servant be allowed to sell, and allowed to buy, and allowed to be judged. In the hadith of the Prophet, the Prophet – peace and blessings be upon him – said: “God is pleased with you three times and hates you three; so it is acceptable for you to worship him and do not share anything with him, and to hold fast to the rope of God all and do not disperse. He hates you said and said, the large number of question, and the waste of money, and in a novel: the same. However, he said: I will be angry with you three times and did not mention: Do not disperse. ”In this hadith is a statement of what God pleases with His servants, which are three things mentioned in the hadith; worship of God alone has no partner, and sit-in with the rope of God, and that believers do not separate, and God Almighty hates three things Gossip, i.e. uttering no good, abundant unnecessary questions, wasting money and wasting it.

8- What God Almighty loves and satisfies His servants to bring pleasure to a Muslim’s heart, reveal the affliction of a Muslim, or pay off a debt from a believer.

9 – Staying away from what angers God and moving away from the sins forbidden by God, for God Almighty did not prevent the slave of something except in it was good, and nothing was ordered except in it was good.

10- Preserving the pillars of Islam, which is a testimony that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God, and he prays, gives Zakat, Hajj, and fasts during Ramadan.

11- Pursuit of parental consent, assuming the parents of God Almighty’s consent. Not to harm people, insulting others, backbiting and gossip.

12- A lot of saying praise be to God in openness, badness and calamities. When God afflicts a person, he loves him, and he loves to hear his supplication always. To the extent that the servant persists and praises his Lord, God will release him and provide him with a place that does not count.

13- Maintaining prayers, reciting the Qur’an, fasting, praying at night, and supplication.

God Almighty is pleased with His faithful servants, and God’s approval for His servants and His love has signs, including:

1- Tawfik Al-Abd to increase in doing good.

2- Tawfik Al-Abd to repentance.

3 – He kept his servant in his arms and reconciled him to every good; he only hears what pleases God, and does not look except for what pleases God, and does not walk except when God pleases him.

4- He makes the servant’s love in people’s hearts, and the satisfaction of mankind brings him to him.

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