How to spend Fajr prayer from missed many times? Ifta answers


“How does the dawn prayer be spent if he misses it many times?” Said Sheikh Ahmed Wissam, director of the electronic portal department in the Ifta House, that the person who He missed the Fajr prayer Many times, he can pray with every dawn at dawn or dawn so that he can spend what he has after a certain period.”Wissam”, in the video broadcast of the Fatwa House on its official page on Facebook, in response to a question: How to spend the dawn prayer who missed many times? For example, if he misses the Fajr prayer, for example, 60 days, he can pray with every Fajr, a dawn for a month.

How to spend missed prayers
Dr. Amr Al-Wardani, the Fatwa Secretary of the Fatwa House, said that a person who has missed many prayers and does not know exactly how much he missed from them; he must approximate how many prayers he missed and judged by the prevalence of the suspicion, and then he must perform it.

Al-Wardani added, in a fatwa to him, in response to a question about: “How to spend the missed prayers years ago whose number is not known”, that approximation and the prevalence of suspicion is one of the gates of discharge of the rights that relate to God, affirming that the first thing that a person is held accountable on the Day of Resurrection Prayer, therefore it should Not to be complacent in its performance.

And he pointed out that the dominance of doubt is resorted to by a person when losing certainty, explaining that the situation is like that in determining the direction of the qiblah that a person strives as much as he was able to define in a work by saying God Almighty: “Fowl your face is the part of the mosque in the Haram” the cow, if it is not possible for the person to define it He saw from the approval of the direction of the Kaaba according to the Almighty’s words: “By God, the East and the West, wherever you turn, so the face of God has prevailed, for God is the most knowledgeable (115)” Al-Baqarah.

How to spend missed prayers
Dr. Mahmoud Shalaby, Director of the Fatwa Department of the Fatwa Department, stated that the majority of jurists agreed that those who missed the prayers of a day, month, or year should have spent them With obligatory prayer Every day two, three or more times so that he performs what he has after a certain period, indicating that prayer is the debt of God and “the debt of God is more worthy to be spent” as in the hadith.

“Shalaby” added in a fatwa to him, in response to a question about: How to spend the missed prayers, that it is wrong that some people count the number of rak’ahs of missed prayers and spend them in an incompatible form, as if he had, for example, 10 prayers for noon in days that he did not perform, pointing out that the error is in For a person to count 10 prayers x 4 rak’ahs (noon 4 rak’ahs) and the total is 40 rakahs, two rak’ahs are to be spent (two by two).

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He explained that the prayers must be done to eliminate their body and the intention to spend them in particular, because the prayers are not a number but a way and a system.

Is it necessary to make up missed prayer after repentance?
Dr. Ali Jumaa, the former mufti of the republic, stressed that laziness from performing prayer is a test of the strength of the servant’s faith, and his treatment is that a person resists this laziness and continues to resist and seek refuge with God from the accursed Satan so that he can perform the prayer and preserve it and in this case God will grant him success in that work.

Ali Jumaa said, through the Egyptian Dar Al-Iftaa website, that it is necessary for the lazy and the non-lazy to persevere in the remembrance of God outside the prayer. Despair and over time you will find yourself soft enough to pray and do righteous deeds.

Former Mufti explained that prayer is the first to be held accountable by the Day of Resurrection. It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: I heard the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him says: “The first to be held accountable by the Day of Resurrection of his prayer, the pray he will have succeeded and spoiled it Disappointed and lost. If something is lost in his duty, the Lord said, may God Almighty say: Do you see that my servant has volunteered, so how can he complete it? Z that, “Narrated by Abu Dawood and Tirmidhi.

There is no doubt that the one who neglects prayer is at great risk, for Jabir, he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “There is no between the servant and the disbelief, or the disbelief in the sin.”

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