Hussein El-Sayed: I moved to Sfaxien in order to return to the national team


Hussein El Sayed, the Al-Ahly player loaned to the Sfaxien ranks, confirmed that he agreed to go through the transfer experience of the Tunisian team in order to return again to the team’s ranks.

Amir Tawfiq, director of the Contracting Committee of Al-Ahly Club, announced the transfer of team player Hussein El-Sayed to the Tunisian team Sfaxien during the current winter transfers.

El-Sayed said in statements to the Allaib program via “mbc Egypt”, that he agreed to move to the Tunisian team Sfaxien for a period of 6 months, ending at the end of the current season.

He added that he wanted to return to be on the field to have a great opportunity to return again to the ranks of the Egyptian team, pointing out that after the end of his loan period with Sfaxien, he will return to Al-Ahly.

He explained that the loan period will be 6 months and there is no item in his contract entitled to purchase, so that he returns after the loan period ends, and he has two seasons left with Al-Ahly.

He pointed out that Tunisian Ali Maaloul, his colleague in the Al-Ahly team, played an important role in completing his transfer to the Tunisian team Sfaxien.

And the master concluded his remarks: “I thank Ali Maaloul for what he did to complete my transfer to Tunisian Sfaxien, and I will try to use that experience to return to the ranks of the Egyptian national team.”


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