I am pregnant in two months, I will not be able to travel … the black box of the cream doctors accident


Repercussions remain Creams accident Al-Marwa, which resulted in the death of 4 people, including two doctors, and the injury of 17 Menia Doctors Ongoing, especially in light of the deal described by the Physicians Syndicate as being less than the size of the event by the Ministry of Health. And we publish through what follows the report The black box of the accident, And includes messages exchanged between female doctors and management before they travel.

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The official in charge of organizing the commissioning of the training course at the National Training Institute in Cairo, the batch of the 2017 assignment for the Minya region, said that she was notified by the administration late of moving to Cairo, saying via the WhatsApp group that brings her together with the female doctors: The official sent, through the WhatsApp group that includes the female commissioning doctors, a message stating “Dr. / Director of the Health Administration, a warm greeting and after … Please, Your Excellency, alert the female doctors and nursing supervisors participating in the Egyptian Women’s Health Campaign to attend the training on Wednesday, ۱۰/۱/۲۰۲۰” The National Institute for Training in Abbasiya in Nasr City, next to the exhibition grounds, and whoever will be left behind will be transferred for investigation with our presentation of the names today. ”

No one sought help Female doctors Saying: “I am two months pregnant, which means that I will not be able to travel, neither now nor twice.”

And everyone demanded that “the easiest training work here instead of what we all travel.”

One of the doctors suggested that “the most appropriate is that the Ministry treats us a million, and we are trained in our administration, even if the travel must be discussed in reference the day before.”

Another said, “Whatever means we will move in other than the country is very difficult, especially the 9 oclock deadline, which means we will move in time and the lemon remains.” His health condition does not allow him to travel, and he does what he wants, and after that, he will be notified of a travel the day before.

Some asked: “Who doesn’t travel, will he do what?”, And the response came: “He bears his responsibility with the ministry. He remained, I reached everyone and reached another time with an official signal. This is a cost of no choice, with whom a child answers,” and some responded: “I mean, what With him, a child answers him in the cold. I want you to try to see a solution that suits our circumstances. You have to have direct contact with the Ministry’s staff. You can see them with them. Can people train and come back trained?

Another question came: “Doctor, put yourself in a place. We are” women “, and we are supposed to travel at night, and the only way to travel is by country, reservation, and finish, and don’t know the places there.”

The administration’s threats to the female doctors came as follows: “Those who do not want to work in the campaign will be seconded outside the health department, and everyone must abide by the appointment, train the women’s health campaign … No one will be excused … please adhere. Because whoever does not attend his decision from the directorate.”


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