I heard her talk about her lover on the phone


The accused of the murder of his mother in the Gerga District Center in Sohag admitted to his crime in detail while conducting a graphic examination of the incident in the presence of the Public Prosecution.In his confessions, the accused said that his mother was separated from his father 3 years ago and had been staying at her father’s house, and that rumors spread that she was related to a young man in the village and that he visited her at her father’s house.

He added that he faced his mother several times regarding these rumors, but she denied that there was any relationship between them, and he smashed several mobile phones for her in order not to talk to this young man, but every time she was buying a new phone.

The defendant confirmed that yesterday he entered his mother and found her talking on the phone with her lover, and he could not control himself, so he poured on her with a stick that was in his hand and left her only a dead body after he smashed her head.

Major General Hassan Mahmoud, the director of Sohag Security, was receiving a signal from the Gerga General Hospital, with the arrival of “Zainab. AR”, 45 years old, a housewife and a resident of the center. And, by following up on the report of the health inspector, he reported that she had a skull fracture that led to internal bleeding in the brain, and it is not possible to confirm the cause of death.

Investigations by the Center’s Investigations Unit found that the son of the deceased, Al-Husseini A.A., 20 years old, was working in the same area, by assaulting his mother by beating him with a tattoo stick, which resulted in her injury and death.

The suspect was arrested, and on his face he confessed to committing the incident, due to his bad behavior and disposal of the stick at one of the banks adjacent to their home.

A report of the incident was prepared, and the public prosecutor ordered to order a forensic medical examination for the autopsy to explain the cause of death and the authorization to be buried thereafter, and investigations began with the accused.

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