I intentionally hurt Walid Suleiman in the top game … and Hussam Hassan deceived us with magic … video


Shawky Al-Saeed, former defender of the first football team in the former Zamalek club, confirmed that he did not intend to hit any player with a concussion, or broken face, but he played roughly without intending to harm.Al-Saeed said in televised comments to the Time Sports satellite channel: “While I was with Al-Gouna Club, a crisis erupted between me and Imad Miteb because of my strong interference in the ball. Walid Suleiman was the one who gave me a reputation – pins – and this did not happen to me.”

A number of players have confirmed that Al-Saeed enters the matches and with him – a pin – harms his competitors.

And he added: “I interfered violently with Walid Suleiman in the final of the cup, and I meant to harm him, Walid Suleiman. He passed and made a misfortune and spoke to Hosam Ghaly to calm him down, but he insisted that he provoke me on the field.”

He continued: “Walid Suleiman is one of the players that you must play strongly, because if I did the opposite, he would hurt me, his interference is very violent, Walid Suleiman caused the Alexandrian Federation player Hisham Shehata to have a fractured skull, and player Ali Eid fractured his greatness of the eye.”

Shawqi Al-Saeed: Murtada Mansour interfered with my participation in the top game … and the warm-up took place without consulting the coach.

Shawky Al-Saeed touched to talk about the problem of Zamalek in the recent period: “We create justifications for players in the sense that we say there is magic and madness. I am a player when I am told that, my spirits are falling.”

Al-Saeed recounted a position with him during the confrontation with Zamalek and El-Gouna regarding El-Jin, saying: “I was a player in El-Gouna under the technical leadership of Anwar Salama and the director of the ball Ahmed Al-Sahafi, we were facing Zamalek and the technical manager Hossam Hassan.”

“Anwar Salama and the journalist know that Hussam Hassan is optimistic, pessimistic and busy with the jinn, so they asked the worker to sprinkle mineral water in front of the Zamalek players’ dressing room clearly.”

He concluded: “Hossam Hassan called the players to stand for half an hour, until water was sprayed with salt, as he thought it was a magic act, and in the end Zamalek lost 1-2, and on that day Hossam Hassan came out and said there was magic, he imagined and convinced himself and the players that they would not win Whatever they do, Zamalek players are technically higher than Al-Ahly, but Al-Ahly inherits the spirit of its players.


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