I know Harry and Megan will make a profit after their independence from the royal family


The couple, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, announced since the days of abandoning the royal duties as senior members of the royal family, stressing “to provide full support to Her Majesty”, as we have declared material independence from the family and try to earn money to build their own wealth, which It is expected to reach a quarter of a billion dollars annually According to the British Daily Mail website.

The famous advertising agent Max Markson revealed the amazing amount that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex can achieve in the future, that the couple is expected to earn about a quarter of a billion dollars a year over the next five years or more.

Harry and Megan
Harry and Megan

Max, who has arranged celebrity tours by likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Clinton, said he would give the Duke and Duchess of Sussex $ 5 million immediately just to get off and do five tours around Australia.

Max predicted a possible deal with Netflix Prince Harry and Megan Markle, which makes them get expensive money, especially since Markle is represented originally and this is the place for her.

Besides the biography of the couple’s project, whether in a joint book or separately, it is expected that a lot of money will also be gained due to achieving a high selling rate, as the whole world is interested in the rebellious couple on the royal rules.

It is noteworthy that Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle, announced that they had stepped down from the British royal family, and revealed that they would live between the United Kingdom and North America while working to become financially independent. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said in an official statement via their account on Instagram: “After several months of internal thinking and discussions, We chose to make a transition this year, and we started to play a new, progressive role within this institution. “

Megan Markle and Prince Harry
Megan Markle and Prince Harry

Prince Harry has stated in previous speeches that he rejects the pressure the British media places on his wife, likening her to the tragic events of his late mother, Diana. But the decision sparked a storm in the royal palace, especially since he did not consult his grandmother, the Queen before her. Queen Elizabeth II held a meeting with Prince Harry in an attempt to resolve the crisis.


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