I know the only movie directed by the late artist Magda during her career


The late big artist remains, Magda, And one of the most important stars that Egyptian cinema had given birth to during its history, as it presented dozens of films that are still immortal, and participated in the production of other films, and established for itself a private school in acting, especially in the role of the innocent and kind romantic girl.

And with more than 70 films presented by Magda Al-Sabahi during her artistic career that started in the fifties when she was a teenage girl, but she also presented herself to the cinema as an artistic producer through 12 films, namely: a type of women, a moment’s age, a soft sex, a shrewdness, a mirage, And the wife of five men, and from the greats of Islam, and from the most beloved, and the migration of the Messenger, and the people below, and beautiful, and where is my age.

Who would love
Who would love

Magda Al-Sabahi also presented herself to the cinema as a director, but through only one film, “Who Loved”, which she co-starred with Ahmed Mazhar and Ihab Nafeh and was written by Sabri Al-Askari, and was produced in 1966, and it is excerpted from the international film “Going with the Wind”. The story of Margaret Mitchell.

Magda had agreed with one of the directors to introduce the film, but he apologized, and it was difficult to cancel the work from the ground, as she ventured and made a decision to take part in the experiment and was assisted by a number of distinguished directing assistants. For female artists.

Despite Magdas fame in the roles of the Daloua or adolescent girl, it is unfair to shorten her career and brilliance and her rich artistic balance as an actress and producer in these roles only. She is the big, wise and sacrificing sister in the movie “Today’s Girls”, which is the simple blessing of agriculture in the film Alnadah, and she is a beautiful Algerian fighter. Bouhreid in a beautiful movie, which is Naima, the salesman of newspapers, whose way everyone saves while calling for her merchandise, “The News of the Republic’s Pyramids” in the movie “Bayaa El Jarid”, a journalist who writes about the war, soldiers, and Zionist attacks in the movie “The Age is a Moment”, as well as her famous religious roles She is the girlfriend who entered T Islam endured torture until she lost her eyesight in the movie The Messenger’s Migration, and beautiful in the movie “Victory of Islam,” and India, Khawlaniyya, wife of Bilal, the muezzin of the Messenger in “Bilal”.


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