I was there when Khaled Bishara died ..!


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Where did death come from, you suddenly kidnap loved ones?! .. Oh God, no objection .. But why did you – and glory be to You – learn my weakness – on the ring road, when friend Khaled Bishara, CEO and managing director of Orascom Development, was breathing its last?! .. Oh God There is nothing wrong with your judgment, and it is not concluded from a cruel moment that you lived this morning ..!

Yes .. I was on the same circular road, when death was overcast at the place .. It was just over three oclock in the morning .. I am returning from my brother’s house, to the fifth assembly where I live .. The cars stopped suddenly .. I thought that a usual ambush allowed cars to pass from One lane .. However, the complete stoppage lasted for a long time .. Cars do not move, even for one step .. Minutes did not pass until the line of cars reached for several kilometers .. So there is an accident or a huge truck crashes ..!

I was tired, after a long day of work .. I called my wife and told her the tragic situation so that she would not be anxious .. I jokingly told her, “Clearly, I donate to the ring tonight” .. Time passed heavy, so some drivers and young passengers landed to find out .. I am not A young man like them .. I ran out of energy .. So I waited for them to know what was happening .. I asked and they answered “A big accident O .. Arab Mercedes remained tinny” .. I asked again “There is someone injured or victims? !!!” .. So the answers came in contradictory .. This is the name of the Egyptians .. One of them said, “Two died.” Another said, “One but.” And a third confirmed, “Serious injuries and the ambulance took him.” An hour and a half of tension and narrations. Diverging .. And when I was concerned about going to the accident site, someone said to me, “No, you don’t want to drive your car because the winch opens the road and the accident is far away from us a kilometer or more and you will not come back!” ..!

I heard his words .. I got stuck in my car .. And when the road moved slowly, I went over the scene of the accident, chanting, “There is no power and no power except in God .. We belong to God and to Him we shall return” ..!

I arrived at my house with the call to prayer at dawn .. I found my wife in a tense waiting scene .. Before I took off my clothes, I found her saying to me, “Is Khaled Bishara your friend ?! .. I once heard you speak on the mobile ?!” .. She replied to her in a furious astonishment, “Oh ..But what is the occasion of this question now?! .. I am tired and unable to speak »..!

Completely silent .. And pitying looks from my wife .. And an incomprehensible mumbling .. Then she seized herself and said “Majdi .. Khaled is dead” .. I did not hear it .. Or more accurately she refused to hear it .. Then the mobile dealt with me, to read the news on accounts scattered in « FB”..!

Khaled Bishara died .. He was the one who was fighting death on the ring, while I was several hundred meters away .. He died, embracing his dreams, which I did not see any limits .. !!

Damn me .. How did I not rush to save him? !! .. Why did I not move from my brother’s house a few minutes before it, so I might switch between him and the damn iron fence on the ring? !! .. If I could do something?! .. Would death have accepted my intercession if I told him: “Leave it to us for some time” ..?! .. I would prostrate to God Almighty, praying supplicated, “Lord .. Khaled is kind-hearted .. She gave him intelligence and knowledge that benefited him from his country .. He lived a struggle and a loyal .. He became a symbol of success and excellence in technology Modern and good governance .. Egypt does not have many of it .. Lord Khaled is not dear to death, but our hearts will cry him until he is torn »»!

I was going to cry and cry on the ring .. But it seems that the one God, the Creator, the owner of the universe and spirits, pity me for the cruelty of the moment.

I will not forget Khaled Bishara .. And you will not forget him .. Perhaps because he lived belonging to the dream of millions in keeping pace with the technology of the times .. Perhaps because he made a unique success story .. But he certainly has fingerprints that no one denies in the technological development of our country, and he has a vital role in consolidating science Modern management for new generations ..!

To rest in peace, Khaled .. Because you have a share of your name ..!

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