If nuclear war begins … these crops can save humanity from the end of the world


Did you know that there are some crops that resist the radiation and destruction left by a nuclear bomb, and grow though, which makes them the foods of the end of the world that will save humanity in the event of nuclear wars between countries, in the aftermath of the nuclear war, fiery storms will start and cover the sky in a thick cover of Smoke, blocking out the sun and leaving us in the dark, and without the sun, starvation will spread all over the world, but a mechanical engineer collecting a disastrous diet can save humanity during this time.

According to British newspaper “Daily Mail”, David Dinkenberger explains that in the event of a nuclear war, humans can survive crops that do not need much light such as mushrooms and seaweed.


The researchers are watching India and Pakistan, as the two countries expand the nuclear weapon group. They expect a large-scale nuclear war between the two, which could detonate 250 nuclear weapons 100 kg, each more than six times the size of the Little Boy atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan. , Which the country commemorates until now. Japan marked the 65th anniversary of the Hiroshima tragedy in August last year.

If this happens, the result will produce a cloud of black smoke that will prevent the sun and cause temperatures to drop dramatically, and without the sun there will be no food.

Scientist David, who runs the nonprofit Alliance for Feeding Earth in Disasters (ALLFED), has made it clear that mushrooms will be a boon to save the world, as these fungi can feed on the dead substance of trillions of trees that have been destroyed, “which creates a renewable food source that can To feed everyone on this planet for about three years. ”

A 2008 paper discussing the sustainability of mushrooms noted that this crop grows rapidly and yields high returns, and they do not need advanced technologies for cultivation, so it can be grown on small plots of land, which will succeed in the event of the ends of the world, technology will end and destroy most of the Earth’s surface.

Another source would be dehydration for humans, Duncanberger said, “Seaweed is a really good food source in a scenario like this because it can withstand low light levels, it’s also fast growing.”

And in this nuclear war, the Earth will cool faster than the oceans, so the oceans will remain a little warmer, and seaweed can handle relatively low temperatures.

The world also indicates that 1.6 billion tons of dry food will be needed every year to feed those left on the planet, and humans can contribute to the growth of this amount of seaweed within only three to six months, and in addition to being a source of food, it contains Seaweed also contains elements that prevent the body from absorbing radiation.

Kelp contains 127 iodine, which prevents the body from absorbing radioactive iodine-131 that is constantly being released into our atmosphere through the so-called natural processes of nuclear power plants and weapons installations.


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