If the pictures are showing you, it is not clear on Instagram .. I know the reason


If you are using the Instagram app, you may have noticed that many photos are not clear in Newsfeed this week, but do not panic, this happens to everyone, as this camouflage on the images is part of the Instagram plan to prevent false information from spreading, as it is marked Some of the pictures that have been tampered with “Photoshop”.

According to the British “Mirror” website, Instagram said: “We are committed to reducing the spread of wrong information, and you may come across a post on Instagram that has been marked as wrong information by an independent third-party fact-checker.”

Instagram added: “We work with 45 external fact-finding auditors around the world who have been accredited through the nonpartisan International Fact-Finding Network to help identify, review, and categorize false information.”. “

If a third-party truth checker in Instagram identifies false information on the photo application, the platform will make it difficult to find the photo on Explore or Hashtags.

However, the original post will still appear in the user profile and in the news files of his followers, so Instagram has decided to obliterate these photos and add a warning, and fortunately, you can still see these pictures if you wish..

Instagram explained: “If a publication has been identified by a third-party fact checker as false information, you can click” Why “to view the facts verification institution and why they marked the post as wrong information, and you can also click” View Post “to see the image.

It is worth noting that Instagram announced last October to add this feature to reveal to the user if the published content is “false”, according to independent auditors, by the phrase “wrong information” appears above the photo or video in the post, according to what “Machel”“.


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