If you accidentally vaccinate your daughter and remain pregnant, what will you do?


The artist revealed Raniya Yousif, On the scenes of the series “Miss Farah”, explaining that the series is a comic drama, and the most prominent viewer in it is the “wrong pollination” scene, explaining that its goal is to present different content to the audience especially that it is strange to the Egyptian society, and it is just an imaginary drama that expresses problems.
And she said “Raniya Yousif“During her meeting with the media by Lamees Al-Hadidi on the” Cairo Now “program broadcast on the” Al-Hadath “channel, the idea of ​​accidentally vaccination needs to be addressed, especially as we live in an eastern society, so the work team worked on the same western scenario for the scene in order to present realistically.
She explained “Raniya Yousif“The pollination by mistake is a topic that did not happen much, but the series includes dramatic and comic scenes, noting that the story is a girl who went to the doctor and because of the mixing of names, the pollination occurred instead of another girl, so the pregnancy occurred by mistake, and from here the story started, and in the end the topic is dramatic.
The media asked Lamis Al-Hadidi a question to her guest, saying: If you mistakenly vaccinated your daughter and remained pregnant, would you work? Raniya Yousif: You want to talk to anyone.

She pointed out that “the story of the girl in the series could happen in reality, following up” I love children and myself open a nursery and I have no problem. “

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