If you are using Android .. 17 applications on your smartphone you should delete them now


Cyber ​​Security has revealed 17 Android applications that display ads on users ’phones even when they are not working. Bitdefender confirmed that these applications are on the Google Play Store, where they secretly display ads randomly on the user’s phone even when they are closed, and include a barcode scanner and a game Car racing, weather application, ovulation cycle tracker.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, although the applications come from different developers, but they have similar effects on users’ phones, and after downloading each of them, they are designed to work normally for several hours to avoid detection, and then divide their basic files To multiple guides to evade malware detection tools.

Also, after this initial period, applications begin to download or broadcast pop-up ads using phone data and drain battery life.

Many apps are also designed to actually remove their icons from the phone as soon as the ads start streaming, making source tracking more difficult.

This group of 17 apps has been downloaded more than 550,000 times, as Google has said that it is aware of the apps in question and is about to remove them from the Google Play Store.

Reviews of many applications are full of shock warnings that the apps have bypassed Google’s malware detection tools.

One of the users wrote: “The application displays advertisements filling the screen and that’s it, do not install it at all, I am writing to file a complaint with the Google Play Store.”


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