If you worked as a block on WhatsApp, would he know or not?


It is one of the most important instant messaging applications in the world, and it receives and sends billions of messages every day, which its users on the face of the earth, who number more than a billion and a half, exchange.Sometimes you may decide to ban someone because they harass you in various ways, including sending a huge number of messages, or chasing you by calling through the application to force you to respond to it against you, so the best solution is to block or block.

However, the British express newspaper asked a very important question, what if you ban someone … who will know or not?, And the answer to this question will be found only in this report.

WhatsApp will not send a notification to the person you blocked, except that it will not be able to see your personal photo or the cases you post, or even write or call you, so he will either think that you deleted your photo, or once he contacts you he will know that you blocked it.

The WhatsApp management justified it doing so in order to protect your privacy to the utmost degree, especially when you want to drive someone away from your inner circle.


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