Imam of a mosque in Uganda discovers that “his bride is a man” after two weeks


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Tuesday 14 January 2020

I wrote- Amira Helmy:

An imam of a mosque in Uganda was subjected to a fraud and fraud, which he discovered two weeks after his marriage.

The story of the imam of the mosque, who is called Mohamed Mutumba, started when he was looking for a girl to marry, and indeed he met one of the veiled girls who liked him and got married, but he was surprised after two weeks of marriage, that she is a man, according to the Ugandan newspaper “Daily Monitor”.

The deception in which the imam of the mosque fell, was because of the “fake” bride, who deluded him that it is not legal to enter it except after paying the dowry to her aunt, and after the wedding ceremony ended, the husband did not approach his “bride” for two weeks, after she claimed that she was in a menstrual period preventing her from entering It out.

Detecting deception

One of the neighbors, “Mutumba,” revealed the deception one day, when he saw the bride of the mosque’s imam jumping over a wall that separated their homes, while trying to steal electrical devices, clothes, and cooking tools, in the absence of her husband. The police who came and arrested them were reported wearing the veil and the sandal .

By searching the suspect for her arrest before moving her to the dungeon and investigating her, she found out she was a man whose real name was Richard Tomushapi.

The imam of the mosque was shocked and very surprised, and he filed a complaint in which he accused the male “wife” of fraud, rigging him on official papers and impersonating a woman so that he could get his money.

On his deception, the imam of the mosque says: “I saw her (the man) on two occasions at a Friday prayer, but it is difficult to discover that he is a man, as he wears the hijab and has a soft voice and walks like a woman, and does all the household chores such as cooking, washing clothes and others.”

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