Imprisonment of those accused of stealing 500 thousand pounds from the treasury in the east


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The Faqous Prosecution, under the supervision of Counselor Ahmed Khafaji, the first public attorney for the North Eastern Procuratorates, decided to imprison those accused of stealing a sum of 500,000 pounds and gold jewelry from a safe inside an apartment for four days, pending investigations.

Major General Atef Mahran, Assistant Minister of the Interior for Eastern Security, received a notification from Brigadier-General Amr Raouf, Director of Criminal Investigation, stating the report received from Faqous Police Department, from «Muhammad. M. P »60 years an employee in the pension and residing in the department of the department, by discovering a fracture in his treasury and stealing a sum of money estimated at about 500 thousand pounds and gold jewelry.

The security services moved to the site of the incident, and by examination and inspection it was found that the safe was on the ground floor, and that it was broken by a welding machine and stolen its contents.

A criminal investigation team was formed headed by Brigadier Mohamed Shaarawi, head of the Directorate’s Investigations, in coordination with the Public Security Sector headed by Major General Majed Al-Ashqar, which included Colonel Walid Antar, Head of the Criminal Investigation Branch for the East, Lt. Col. Ahmed Abdulaziz, Inspector of the East Investigations, and Major Hosseini Al-Mahmoudi, Chief of the Investigation Department of Faqous Police Department, reached His efforts to be behind the perpetration of “Mahmoud.” P. M »30 years old plumber, resident of Kafr Saqr, and« Ahmed. M. The 32-year-old driver resides in Abu Kabir, and it became clear from preliminary investigations that one of the defendants used to visit the house and know its entrances and exits, and that its residents resided on the upper floors, and it was agreed between them to steal the treasury, as they infiltrated the house at night and broke the door and the safe with a welding machine in their possession And they seized the money and gold.

They were targeted by several offices in their place of residence, and after the codification of the procedures, the suspects and theft were seized, and the necessary minutes were prepared and by presenting them to the Public Prosecution, I decided to imprison them pending investigations.

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