Imprisonment of “Zabulah” and “Dno” after their confession before the prosecution


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The Al-Khanka Center Prosecution decided to imprison 25 mm of unemployed, 25 years of unemployed, HMJ, 23 years of unemployment, 24 years of unemployment, and his fame “dungeon”, and 21 years of unemployed and his fame “Wadno”. », For stealing a sum of money and bank checks from one of the import and export companies in which the first defendant was working, and the prosecution requested the investigations of the investigations office about the circumstances and circumstances of the case and the urgency of the criminal laboratory report to examine the company’s doors.

The first accused admitted that he had gone and accompanied the rest of the defendants to the company’s headquarters at dawn, and that he made an attempt to open the main door of the company with an artificial key previously prepared due to the currency of the company and he was not able to do so. 15 thousand pounds and 5 bank checks.

Brigadier Abdullah Jalal, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch, received a 45-year notification from HMS, the owner of an import-export company for sanitary ware, for discovering that he had broken the door of the company and stole a sum of money and 5 bank checks from within it, and no one was accused of theft.

Major General Hisham Selim, the director of the detective, was notified of the move and examination. It was found that there was a break in the company’s external and internal door and sparked violence by 2 offices for employees and cameras, the absence of a DVR device for registering the cameras unit, and the security services succeeded in identifying and monitoring the accused and in one of the ambushes they arrested and confessed to committing the incident.

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