In 3 stages .. effective advice to get rid of diabetes permanently


A new study recently conducted by a group of British researchers revealed that it is possible to control type 2 diabetes and get rid of it permanently by following some simple advice.The researchers who supervised the study revealed that the first stage, which includes a rapid loss of weight, not consuming soft drinks, or sugary drinks, as well as avoiding fast food, which contains high calories.

The researchers continued, that eating vegetables and salads can reduce the symptoms of diabetes, and contribute to the transition to the second stage, which is the gradual stage, which depends on eating snacks, according to what was stated in the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The researchers found that the results of the study, that the first stage was the most effective way to stimulate the basic weight loss needed to transfer fat from the liver and pancreas, which could reduce the incidence of diabetes.

The researchers emphasized that the third and final stage in getting rid of diabetes is exercise, which creates insulin production naturally and maintains an ideal weight.


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