In a little while … the central bank issues a decision on interest rates


The monetary policy committee of the Central Bank is meeting, now, to discuss interest rates and take a decision on them, amid varying expectations from experts of stabilization or reduction from 1 to 1.5%, and the committee is expected to announce its decision within minutes.

The Governor of the Central Bank, Tareq Omar, has postponed the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee, which was scheduled on December 16, until the re-formation of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank and the Policy Committee according to the new members of the Council after the President’s decision to keep Tareq Amer in his position as it is.

The Central Bank decided at a meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee last November to reduce interest rates by 100 percentage points, and the rate of return on deposits and lending for one night and the central process price of the central bank are 12.25%, 13.25% and 12.75%, respectively, and the price has been reduced Credit and debit is 12.75%.

With this decision, the interest rates on the current pound are close to the levels before floating the local currency on the third of November 2016, when it recorded 11.75% for the deposit and 12.25% for lending.


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