In names … Who are the deputies who caused the failure of the questioning of the Minister of the


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Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books – Ahmed Ali and Mira Ibrahim:

After four hours of discussion in the plenary session of the Parliament, today, Tuesday, the interrogation submitted by Representative Mohamed Al-Husseini about the worn out of Bulaq Dakrur General Hospital has not been written to success.

Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, Speaker of the House of Representatives, had announced the closure of the discussion in the request to withdraw confidence from Health Minister Hala Zayed, due to the lack of a quorum to vote on the request due to the absence of a number of applicants.

Masrawy publishes the names of the deputies who continued until the end of the interrogation discussion, and they are: Deputy Muhammad al-Husseini, Muhammad al-Fayyumi Mujid, Saad Bedir, Ismail Nasr al-Din, Muhammad al-Masri, May Mahmoud, Samah Saad, Hala Hassan, Thanaa Barghash, Yusef Abd al-Dayem, Muhammad al-Ghoul, Amr Abu Al-Yazid, Yousry Naguib Muhanna, Jalila Othman, Sherine Farraj, Rasha Ismail, Nancy Naseer, Dina Abdulaziz, Ihab Mansour, Ilham Al-Minshawi, Khaled Shaaban, Saeed Al-Aboudi, Diaa Dawood, Ahmed Al-Sharqawi, Ali Abudulla, Sayed Muwafi, Hatim Abdel Hamid, Mohamed Atta Salim.

The list of deputies who were absent from the interrogation discussion included: Muhammad Ali Abdul Hamid, Ihab Abdul Khaliq, Muhammad Khalifa, Talaat Khalil, Rahmi Bakir, Amin Judeh, Hala Abu Al-Saad, Majdi Malak, Ahmed Hassan Farshout, Mahmoud Badr, Muhammad Abdul Aziz, Leila Abu Ismail , Hussein Ashmawi, Medhat Al-Sharif, Murtada Al-Arabi, Mahmoud Abuazouz, Mohamed Salah Abdel Badie, Mohamed Abu Shehata, Abdel-Hadi Baajer, Ehab Abdel-Azim.

The list also included absenteeism: Hosni Hafez, Hosni Hassan, Thuraya Al Sheikh, Faisal Al Shaibani, Tariq Metwally, Samir Al Batikhi, Jamal Ali, Muhammad Rashwan, Saeed Hassasin, Rabie Abu Latia, Attia Mousa, Hani Al Nawasrah.

Abdel-Al explained that the internal regulations of the Council require all applicants to withdraw confidence to attend it, which is a waiver of them from the request, and in violation of the quorum required to vote.

And Article 227 of the internal regulations of the council stipulated that “taking into account what was mentioned in Article 224 of these regulations, the president presents the request with a proposal to withdraw confidence from the council after discussing an interrogation addressed to the one who submitted the request to withdraw confidence, and after he checks the presence of the applicants at the session, and is considered The absence of one of them in the session is a waiver of the request, and the two authors of the proposal are authorized to speak, then the discussion will take place in the request if the council sees a place for that.

As stated in Article 224 of the internal regulations of the House of Representatives that it considers the failure of the interrogator to attend the specified session to discuss his interrogation a withdrawal of interrogation.

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