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Pictures .. An assassination attempt on the son of preacher Ahmed Deedat in South Africa

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Youssef Deedat, an Islamic activist, was wounded in South Africa The son of the late late preacher Ahmed Deedat, with a bullet to the head, on Wednesday.

The South African “Herald Life” newspaper reported that “Youssef Deedat is fighting death after he was shot in the head outside the family court north of Verulam.”

The newspaper quoted the security official, Prem Balram, as saying, “Once they received a report of the incident, a team was sent to the court, and upon his arrival the victim found Yusef Ahmed Deedat lying on the sidewalk, with one bullet to the head.”

Witnesses said that Deedat was walking towards the court when a man approached and shot him before he fled on foot.

Deedat was expected to appear in court.

Youssef Deedat is the son of the famous Indian preacher Ahmed Deedat, who was a preacher, lecturer and debate famous for his debates and writings in comparing religions, especially between Islam and Christianity, and founded and headed the International Center for Islamic Call in Durban in South Africa and won the King Faisal Prize for his efforts in the service of Islam in general 1986.

Ahmed Deedat died in 2005 in South Africa at the age of 87.

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