In pictures, Guardiola destroys 4 cars worth $ 600,000


In pictures, Guardiola destroys 4 cars worth $ 600,000


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola has damaged four cars since arriving in Manchester in 2016 to take charge of overseeing the “Blue Sky” team.

Guardiola, 48, may be one of the most skilful football coaches, but needs driving lessons.

Since the Spanish coach moved to England to take over the club’s management, the North West London club has been forced to provide a replacement car for his movements after each time he fails to maintain the safety of the vehicle he drives.

During the past three years, Guardiola destroyed 4 cars between a black Mercedes GLE worth 80 thousand pounds, a Range Rover equal to 150 thousand pounds, a Bentley GTX700 silver with a value of 200 thousand pounds, and finally Mini Cooper worth 30 thousand pounds.

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The total value of the cars that Guardiola destroyed and was forced to change amounted to 460 thousand pounds, equivalent to approximately 600 thousand dollars.

The British newspaper “The Sun” reported that the former Barcelona coach is known to be not a good driver since he was a coach in the Catalan club, and is still continuing his disasters when driving on the streets of Manchester.

A source close to Guardiola told the Sun newspaper: Guardiola is wonderful about a lot of things inside and outside the stadium, but driving is not one of them.

Source: the sun


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