In pictures: Loyalists to the Syrian regime burn the tomb of Caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz


Media belonging to the Syrian regime broadcast photos from the tomb of the Umayyad caliph Omar bin Abdul Aziz, east of Ma`rat al-Numan, in the southern countryside of Idlib, before it suffered any damages, when the regime took control of the village of Deir al-Sharqi

And the Syrian regime’s agency, SANA, broadcast a photo album on January 28 of the ongoing battles in the southern countryside of Idlib, including a picture that shows the tomb of the Umayyad caliph Omar bin Abdulaziz, burning and causing destruction and destruction inside. This angered social networking pioneers who are loyal to and opposed to the Syrian regime, considering this act “criminal.”

Some activists asked about the “religion carried by the elements of the Syrian regime!”, And they circulated pictures of the regime’s media before burning the shrine and demolishing it.

Omar bin Abdulaziz is the eighth caliph of the Umayyad dynasty and nicknamed the fifth adult caliph.
The activists said that the grave of his wife Fatima bint Abdul-Malik bin Marwan, and the grave of the mausoleum of the shrine, Sheikh “Abu Zakaria bin Yahya Al-Mansour,” were also burned.

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