In response to Kahrabas deal … Will Walid Azzaro move to Zamalek?


Al-Ahly striker Walid Azzaro has been strongly mentioned as the closest player to leave the Red Castle in the current winter transfer period, to be the victim of the new foreign striker, who will join Al-Ahly in the next few hours, in order to support the Red Genie attack in winter transfers.

Al-Ahly club officials completed the contracting procedures with Senegalese Elio Badji, the Austrian Rapid striker, Vienna for 4 and a half seasons, to be the second deal for Al-Ahly in the ongoing winter Mercato, after Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba, the first red deals in January.

AndThe departure of the Moroccan Azzaro became a matter of time, as it is the closest to leaving the Red Fort After leaving the accounts of Swiss Rennie Fyler, Al-Ahly technical director, the last of which was his exclusion from the 18th list of the Tanta match in the 13th round of the league, especially that he failed to take advantage of the opportunities obtained by him, and he only scored 4 goals in the current season, which is not acceptable by a foreign striker.

Azzaro enters the accounts of Zamalek officials, “the traditional rivals of Al-Ahly,” for several reasons, the first of which is that he will be available to contract him for free if he departs from Al-Jazeera Castle. The response to Al-Ahly officials who kidnapped Mahmoud Kahraba, the former white team player, after they laid down the scenario of the player’s exit to the Portuguese club, Avic, early this season, before returning in January to the Red Fort.

The only dilemma in Zamalek’s contract with Azzaro if his name is removed from the Al-Ahly list is his participation with Al-Ahly in the African Championship, which makes Zamalek officials prefer the registration of the Congolese Kabongo Kasongo in his place, provided that his inclusion in the Citadel of Mit Oqba is postponed until next summer, or it is contracted with And then loaned it to other clubs in the remaining six months of the current season.

Zamalek officials are trying to respond strongly to their dealings with Al Ahly with the deal of Mahmoud Kahraba, who was one of the cards in the ranks of the white knight, before he became a player in the ranks of Al Ahly and starred in his shirt in the last game in Tanta in the league.

Kahraba starred in his second domestic match with Al-Ahly and scored two goals in his team’s victory over Tanta by five and made a single goal.


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