In the first Parliamentary interrogation, how the Minister of Health responded to a hospital crisis


04:28 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Books- Ahmad Juma:

Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, said that 100% of the citizens and families of the Bulaq Dakrur neighborhood of the Giza Governorate have obtained medical services from the Ministry of Health through various presidential initiatives that target all citizens and offer treatment free of charge to patients.

That day came during the Parliament’s plenary session, which discussed an interrogation of the Minister of Health and Population regarding the Bulaq Dakrur General Hospital.

The Minister of Health said that she is not satisfied with office reports but rather takes to the streets by herself to follow and implement all initiatives, including 100 million health. For all citizens

She pointed out that the World Health Organization confirmed that Egypt is the number one in health policies for 2019, adding that the limited budget of the ministry requires setting priorities, stressing that there are a number of obstacles in government hospitals and we are working on them with a serious plan according to the available capabilities.

The Minister of Health pointed out that the launch of 3 national health initiatives for the President of the Republic during 2020 will be announced soon, pointing out that the first initiative will be within days regarding pregnant women to prevent and treat diseases transmitted from mother to child.

She added that the second initiative to detect nephropathy to prevent kidney failure in Egypt, adding, “Every citizen has a future possibility of kidney failure, we will treat him to reduce the incidence of kidney failure in Egypt.”

The Minister of Health said that the second initiative is supported by the Long Live Egypt Fund by providing 3100 dialysis machines and 1300 wheelchairs, replacing and renewing 100% of kidney failure devices, noting that the third initiative will be announced soon, confirming that it seeks everything available to provide the best medical service For the citizens, with high quality.

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