In the photo – despite her thinness … Here ascetics begins a new diet and gives up many foods


The Egyptian actress here, Zahed, announced that she made the decision to adopt a new healthy diet and to refrain from eating fried foods. This is what she referred to through her account on the Instagram photo and video application.

That is why I published a photo taken of her while she was sitting in a restaurant and commented: “I start the year 2020 with a healthy daily diet despite the presence of fried pineapples in front of me.”

Too many of her followers interacted with her, who stressed her freshness and spontaneity. Many indicated that she was fit and others felt that she was very skinny and did not need to follow any diet. And the image achieved more than 354 thousand likes.

It is noteworthy that here the sites were ignited earlier after using one of the interactive games that spread on the “Facebook” site, which shows the person of an age older or younger than his real age.

And through him she appeared in two pictures, the first in her real form and the second at the age of 78. Her husband, the artist Ahmed Fahmy, interacted with her, commenting: “You are 78, you will be dead with my 80 years old.” She responded with symbols of angry faces.


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