In the photo – the story of Rania Youssef’s dress is repeated with Ghada Adel, and criticism is hurt … “What do you say to yourself?”


The Egyptian actress Ghada Adel was subjected to a wide wave of criticism after a picture of her spread and surprised the followers.

And the image is transmitted by a number of active accounts on the Instagram photo and video application, in which the artist appeared as she stood in front of the photographers’ cameras.

What caught the eye was the audacity of the upper part of her dress, which seemed very revealing. This prompted many followers to criticize her in a pungent manner, similar to what happened in previous appearances of the artist Rania Youssef. On the other hand, some of them saw that this part had fallen down accidentally and it was not aware of that.

Others considered that she had become bolder in her looks after talking about her divorce. Others also mocked her, and from what came in the comments: “She is Ghada Adel, she forgot to wear, or what?” And “from what time she got divorced while she forgot to wear” and “she is sixes divorced and stained, otherwise what?” And “Do not teach yourself a little.”

Other comments focused on the shape of her face, as it showed signs of fatigue and aging.


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