In the style of horror movies … a “haunted” doll that terrorizes a family … and so it was disposed of


An American woman from Texas claims that her family cannot get rid of a doll she described as “haunted”, which mysteriously appeared in the family’s home after its members tried to get rid of it and throw it out of the house more than once.And this lady, “Emily Madonia”, talked about the details of what happened with her on the social networking site “Facebook”, explaining that her daughter “Aurelia” got this doll in 2013, when she was one year old. She continued saying that the doll sings in English or Spanish when Squeeze the contract placed around her neck.

According to a report published in the British newspaper “Daily Mail” on Thursday, the family has noticed over the past two years that the doll was starting to sing on its own without pressing the contract around her neck.

Madonia stated that they decided to dispose of it last month, confirming that her husband threw it into a garbage bag and put it in the trash can outside the house, but after a short time, while searching for an object in the living room of the house, the family was surprised by the existence of the doll among a group of items .

This lady wrote in her post on Facebook that she and her husband were terrified as a result, especially since she was confident that her husband threw the doll in the garbage, as well as it is impossible for her children to remove her from the garbage, and after I asked them to confirm this, she found out They had no idea about it.

Her husband then put the doll in the garbage and sealed the bag, put it inside another bag full of garbage and left it in the basket outside the house again, and was collected on the day designated to collect the waste.

But the matter did not stop there. Although the family subsequently went to spend a vacation outside the city and believed that the matter was over, when they returned, this woman was surprised with her daughter telling her that she saw the doll again in the backyard of the house; the mother shared a picture For the doll next to her home on Facebook.

Soon her publication was interacted by a large number of pioneers, and “Madonia” said that she had received several messages from people who expressed their desire to buy this doll, and she also received a message from one of the channels in the aftermath.

She stressed that the matter is not a joke or a hoax carried out by her husband or any of her children, noting that either this doll was “inhabited” or that there was a “deranged person” who took it out of the garbage and stormed her house more than once in order to put it there, and it is with the first explanation .

She also explained that the doll that appeared more than once in her home is the same doll as her daughter, and not another similar to her, because her daughter had already drawn on it and painted it in a striking way.

The British newspaper reported that “Madonia” eventually sent the doll to a friend named “Chris Hogan”, who resides 1,500 miles away to get rid of her, after he offered her to help her end her problem.

For his part, “Hogan” stressed that he does not believe in such matters in the first place, noting that he believes it is funny that this lady sent the doll all this distance to get rid of it.


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