In the video .. A moment of departure, after postponing the first appeal sessions


12:10 PM

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Photography- Muhammad Al-Mallah:

The first sessions of the trial of Mohamed Rajeh and 3 others accused of killing their fellow student Mahmoud Al-Banna witnessed today Tuesday security restrictions, the presence of the accused’s father, Mohamed Rajeh, for the first time, while the defendant left after the end of the trial session amid tight security guard.

The Shebin al-Koum Appeals Criminal Court postponed, today, Tuesday, the appeal of Muhammad Rajeh and others to their prison sentence, accusing them of killing the student, Mahmoud al-Banna, to the next February 11 session to re-watch the videos and hear the statements of witnesses.

The Child Criminal Court, sitting at the Shebin El-Koum Courts Complex, ruled to punish the accused, Mohamed Ashraf Rajeh, the second accused, Islam Awad, and the third accused, Mohamed Mohamed, in the case, the killing of Mahmoud Al-Banna, by 15 years imprisonment, and the defendant, Islam al-Bakh, to 5 years in prison.

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