Including sleep and cotton .. Here are the 7 strangest types of diet


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Tuesday 14 January 2020

I wrote – Shaima Morsi:

Many people, especially women who are overweight, want to follow certain diets to lose weight and get a graceful body, even if they are strange and unusual, as 33% of Egyptians suffer from obesity, 6% of the excessive year, and about 36% of them are “above”. Weight “but they have not reached the stage of obesity, according to the latest statistic of the Ministry of Health, based on data from the campaign” 100 million health. “

During the following lines, we collected for you the strangest types of diet that some may follow, and their benefits or extent of harm, according to the “MEDical News ToDay”, “Live strong” and “healthline” sites.

Aerial diet:

Aerial diet

A French diet that includes simple guidelines, based on food preparation, pretending to eat, and only inhaling the scent of food.

The person following this diet should only drink water and salt as a daily soup, and many Hollywood celebrities have followed this system.

Doctors have warned about this system due to its danger to human health, because it causes the destruction of the stomach and the failure to supply the body with the nutrients it needs daily, and also leads to fatigue and fatigue, as well as many psychological problems, and it is advised before thinking about following a diet, such as this advice of a specialist doctor .

Lemon diet:

Lemon diet

It skips breakfast and replaces it with large quantities of lemon juice to burn fat, without eating basic meals for a week or two.

Scientists believe that this system may be harmful to human health, and causes reduced body energy, fatigue, extreme fatigue, diet defects and indigestion.

Ice cubes diet:


Followed by Hollywood stars and his system to eat many ice cubes when feeling hungry to get rid of calories.

Doctors are not advised to follow this system, because it does not help to lose weight, and ice cubes can be used to obtain additional fluids for the body and not lose weight, as it also causes falling dental filling and a feeling of dental pain.

Fasting diet:

Fasting diet

It is followed by some in Europe, believing that this diet helps to lose weight faster than other systems, and depends on being satisfied with consuming liquids, such as juices and ground vegetable soup for 5 days a week, to reduce the intake of calories and lose weight faster.

Doctors in this diet split between supporters of the speed of the system in losing weight and reducing calories for the body. Opponents believe that it increases the chance of diabetes and obesity, and that it is unhealthy.

Sleep diet:

Sleep diet

The strangest types of diet that depend on sleep for long periods, because when sleeping a person cannot eat, and therefore the human body stops for long hours eating food.

Dietitians argue that despite the importance of sleep for the body and mind, but a person’s sleep every day without eating food, may cause several risks, such as “stroke, heart attacks, and impaired respiratory function.”

Caffeine diet:

Caffeine diet

Some people daily drink 4 liters of coffee per day to fill appetite and burn calories, but this diet does not lead to weight loss and can cause high blood pressure, stomach diseases and severe insomnia.

Cotton diet:

Cotton diet

A type of diet caused by fashion models, and his idea depends on dipping some cotton balls when they feel hungry in the favorite drink and then swallowing it to fill the stomach and reduce appetite.

Many doctors warned against this system, because of the many health risks it causes, such as “an intestinal obstruction can cause suffocation and its damages may lead to death.”


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