Information reveals for the first time in the case of the murder of Nancy Ajram’s house


Information reveals for the first time in the case of the murder of Nancy Ajram's house

Lawyer, Rehab Bitar, revealed new details about the track of investigations into the case of the murdered Mohamed Al-Mousa, at the home of artist Nancy Ajram and her husband, Dr. Fadi Al-Hashem.

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Fadi Al-Hashem to the investigation session and Nancy to the theater

Bitar, as the agent of the Al-Mousa family, said in a post via Twitter that Al-Hashem had undergone a long interrogation session before the first investigating judge, and it was found through the data contacts that there were several contacts between the dead number and the fixed phone number at the Al-Hashem clinic, including a 4:32 call Accurate.

Bitar revealed that Al-Hashem submitted a request to lift the travel ban on him, the request was rejected and Al-Hashem was left under investigation.

The lawyer indicated that all the workers in the Al-Hashem clinic, in addition to a person named Abu Al-Dhahab, and the sister of Fadi Al-Hashem were called in to investigate and take their testimony at the next session, which was appointed on March 10, 2020.

Yesterday, Al-Hashem was under investigation by the first investigating judge in Mount Lebanon, Nicolas Mansour, who decided to postpone the session after reviewing the data on communications.

The Judge of the Appeal Public in Mount Lebanon, Judge Ghada Aoun, gave a signal of the conclusion of the preliminary investigation, and then claimed that Al-Hashem had been convicted of intentional killing according to Article 547 of the Penal Code.

Source: RT


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