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Friday 17 January 2020

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

Dr. Assem Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, said that in the coming days, field inquiry procedures will be started on the files of applicants for reservation with the 12th announcement of social housing, in areas where the number of available housing units exceeds the number of barriers.

May Abdel Hamid, CEO of the Social Housing Fund and Real Estate Finance Support, indicated in a statement today that all 12 applicants for reservations will be sorted out in the 12 regions, with the number of those with more than the number of housing units available, to review the data and documents registered on the system, which are in accordance with It prioritizes clients.

She said that it will be announced at a later time once the screening is completed, that an electronic system is available during a specific period to receive grievances from clients applying to the announcement who are entitled to submit grievances and who do not meet the conditions, in light of the procedures in place in this regard, knowing that it will be Follow-up of customers’ position first-hand and their correspondence through text messages, with the position of their applicants, in order to facilitate them, and to save time and effort.

And Abdul Hameed explained that the door to applying for housing units with the 12th declaration of social housing has been closed, as the total number of people who made serious advances to reservation and registration on the Fund’s electronic portal reached 18297 citizens, to reserve housing units in 33 regions, in 8 governorates of Lower Egypt.

The CEO of the Fund said: The position of the registered requests for reservation was reviewed by the announcement, and it was found that there are 11 regions, in which the number of available housing units exceeds the number of the barriers, with a total of 5778 citizens, namely, the new city of Borg El-Arab, Alexandria Governorate, and (the city of El-Bayada and the city of Al-Tal Al-Kabeer Al-Ahda, Al-Qantara Sharq city), Ismailia Governorate, Wadi Al-Natroun City, Al-Buhaira Governorate, Bani Ubaid City, Dakahlia Governorate, Qurain City, Sharkia Governorate, Sadat Center, Menoufia Governorate, (Al-Hamoul City, Al-Rayya City, and Qaleen City), Governorate Kafr El-Sheikh.

She added that there are 22 districts, the number of the barriers exceeding the number of available housing units, as the total number of applicants reached 12,519 citizens compared to 2783 housing units, namely (Abu Khalifa city (Qantara West), Wind city (Qantara West), Al Qassasin Umm Azzam, and Medina Fayed), in Ismailia Governorate, (Rahmania City, Badr Center), Beheira Governorate, (Manzala City, Belqas City, and Nabrooh City), Dakahlia Governorate, (Abu Kabir City, and Saqr Sons City), Eastern Province, and (Madinah) Mahalla, Basyoun City, Zefta City, Samanoud City, Kafr El-Zayat City), Gharbia Governorate, (Ashmoun City, Tala City, and Quesna city, Menouf city), Menoufia governorate, (Fouh city, Metoubes city), Kafr El-Sheikh governorate.

And “Abdel Hamid” indicated that the 12th declaration of social housing had previously been launched, under the title “Initiative to develop a sea face and the cities of the canal”, to reserve ready-to-move residential units (3 rooms and a hall – with an area of ​​up to 90 m 2), in the governorates of (Sharkia – Alexandria – Dakahlia – Ismailia – Kafr El-Sheikh – Menoufia – Beheira – Gharbia), during the period from 3/11/2019: 12/12/2019, and due to the high demand to withdraw the terms and conditions, and to pay the advance reservations for housing units in the advertisement, the application period has been extended until the day of 26 12/12/2019, then a deadline was given for the clients who paid for the advances until 4/1/2020 to register their data on the electronic portal .

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