“Inquiring about her health condition” .. Investigating the fall of a naked girl from the apartment of two young men in October


The Public Prosecution in the 6th of October City is investigating the incident of a girl falling from an apartment window that two young men are renting in Sheikh Zayed City, to find out the circumstances and circumstances of the accident, as she requested investigations by the security services about the incident to determine her circumstances and circumstances, and the prosecution inquired about the health of the girl and requested a medical report about her condition, Preparing to call her and hear her sayings.

Two young men of Arab nationality had been seized, after a girl fell from the window of their apartment in Sheikh Zayed, and confirmed that they used the girl to clean the apartment, and denied their willingness to practice vice with them, and confirmed that the girl rushed to go to the apartment window, after one of the people knocked on the door, because she believed that a security force She came to storm the apartment, and denied that it had caused her to fall.

Brigadier Amr Hafez, the commander of the second police station, Sheikh Zayed, received a report stating that a girl wearing naked clothes had fallen from the window of the property, which resulted in separate fractures and injuries throughout her body, and she was transferred to Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital.

By conducting investigations, it was revealed to the detectives, that the girl was accompanied by two young men with the nationality of an Arab country, and while she was accompanying them in a rented apartment, one of the people knocked on the door, and I was afraid, and I thought that the detectives stormed the apartment to arrest them, which led him to try to escape from the window, but she imbalanced her balance And I fell out of the window.

The detectives managed to arrest the two young men, and a report of the incident was issued. They were referred to the prosecution, and a decision was issued to release them.

And the detectives moved to the location of the incident, to listen to the statements of eyewitnesses, in addition to listening to the statements of residents of the property who witnessed the crime, and surveillance cameras for the shops and real estate surrounding the accident site are being examined.

The Public Prosecution was notified to initiate an investigation into the incident, in preparation for the transfer to the Sheikh Zayed Hospital, where the girl is treated, to hear her statements if her health condition improves.

A security source at the Giza Security Directorate stated that the girl suffers from separate fractures throughout her body, in addition to a suspicion of concussion in the brain, but her health condition is stable, adding that alcoholic drinks were seized in the apartment of the two young Gulf men who rent the apartment, and it was seized, and the most dangerous, Major General Mahmoud al-Sabili, Director of the Department General of the detective, who assigned the detective to intensify the investigations into the accident.


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