Instagram News .. Now you can send DMS messages via web version


It is known that users can visit the Instagram website via the web, but the web version does not provide users with many options, as it only provides the ability to view photos and videos, as well as launching a recent update that allows stories to be displayed on the web as well, but the photo sharing service was recently announced About the support of the private messaging featureDMs On the web, according to Instagram on his official Twitter account.

With this update is a long-awaited step by service users who send a lot of messages, which forces them to use phones and tablets.

Although the testing of the “private messaging” feature on the web had appeared about a year ago, the company said: “The feature is now still experimental, and it is available to a small percentage of users worldwide, but it is expected to reach more users during the periods Coming “.

It is noteworthy that a previous update provided for Instagram users who log in via Chrome browser, display notifications when they receive followers, likes or new comments, and the change also applies to the version of “Instagram Lite” which is still being tested..

This update brings many functions to the webpick, much closer to the original application of the social network, but it is still limited, as you cannot post the message yet, or download videos, except that you can watch the timeline, download pictures, search for and view published stories.

Another feature was the ability to pause stories, after the company launched a feature to make the stories more effective, since once the feature becomes publicly available, users will be able to press and hold to pause the story, and this will be useful for those who want to see stories Instagram for a longer period of time, where users will be able to pause stories for as long as they want, and perhaps those who use WhatsApp are already familiar with this feature, where they can pause stories on WhatsApp in exactly the same way.

On the other hand, Instagram’s photo-sharing application revealed the addition of a number of new filters for its video feature, known as Boomerang, And that is about five years after the feature was first launched, as Instagram is trying to compete against an app TikTok Which is a direct challenge to it, as this feature has got a major update to its modification options, as users all over the world can now add special effects SlowMo AndEcho AndDuo to me BoomerangsAnd, according to the official Instagram account, on Twitter.

The move is the biggest upgrade to date of one of the most popular video creation tools on mobile, as new filters may help to maintain Instagram as an interesting application as many viewers skip the feature Boomerangs Many years after its first launch, so effects may help SlowMo AndEcho AndDuo New to attract people’s attention again and bring back the sparkle to an advantage Boomerangs.


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