Instagram News … Soon you can pause stories to see them for a longer period


In an attempt to provide new useful features for its users, Instagram is working on introducing many interesting new features, and perhaps one of these new features that Facebook is working on is the ability to pause the stories temporarily, after the company offered an advantage to make the stories more effective, as it Once the feature becomes publicly available, users will be able to press and hold to pause the story, and this will be useful for those who want to see Instagram stories for a longer period of time, according to the US mspoweruser website.

According to the report, users will be able to pause stories for as long as they want, and perhaps those who use WhatsApp are already familiar with this feature, as they can pause stories on WhatsApp in exactly the same way.

On the other hand, Instagram’s photo-sharing application revealed the addition of a number of new filters for its video feature, known as Boomerang, after about five years of launching the feature for the first time, as Instagram is trying to compete with the TikTok application, which is a direct challenge to it, as these happened The feature is a major update to its modification options, as users around the world can now add SlowMo, Echo and Duo special effects to Boomerangs, as well as limit their duration, according to the official Instagram account on Twitter.

The move is the biggest upgrade to date of one of the most popular video creation tools on mobile, as new filters may help to maintain Instagram as an interesting application, with many viewers skipping Boomerangs after many years of its first launch, so that effects New SlowMo, Echo, and Duo to get people’s attention again and bring back the sparkle of Boomerangs.

New Boomerang tools can be found by swiping right on Instagram, then swiping left under the on-screen camera button to reveal the alternate effects and video editor, which allows the user to adjust the length of Boomerang video and specify when it starts or ends.

Boomerang captures one second of the silent video that is then played forward and then back three times to create a six-second video that can be shared or downloaded as a video.

SlowMo Effect slows Boomerang videos to half their original speed, while Echo adds a fog filter that makes everything move, while Duo speeds up the video with digital effect as it travels back and forth.


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