Interior: Mustafa Qassem received health care and insisted on a hunger strike – accidents


The Ministry of Interior spokesman stated that Mustafa Qassem, who is a dual national, was subject to trial before his natural judge, among other defendants. In response to allegations made by some American circles of his death regarding his detention since 2013, and his exposure to a mock trial, and responsibility for the deterioration of his health.

The spokesman added that the convict received all aspects of health care during his sentence, in addition to receiving visits from family members and the embassy of the country of his nationality, in addition to his Egyptian nationality.

The spokesman stressed that the aforementioned insisted on a hunger strike despite advising on more than one occasion about the seriousness of his health, especially with his diabetes, and all legal and medical measures were provided to prevent him from harming himself, through follow-up and care from the embassy of the country of his nationality The other.

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