Interior: Two high-risk criminal elements were killed following a security raid


06:09 PM

Thursday 30 January 2020

Books – Mohamed El-Sawy:

The Ministry of the Interior announced the death of two very dangerous criminal elements during a confrontation and exchange of gunfire with the police forces in Assiut.

The ministry said in a statement today, Thursday, that within the efforts of the criminal investigation agencies at the Ministry of the Interior to arrest fleeing prisons and dangerous criminal elements to be arrested and brought in cases and fugitive convicts, especially in criminal cases and multiple judicial rulings .. has confirmed investigations and information of the public security sector The Criminal Investigation Department of the Assiut Security Directorate included the two very dangerous elements:
1 – Unemployed – a fugitive from Abu Zaabal Prison during the events of January 2011 while serving a maximum sentence of 15 years in the case of (intentional killing), and he was previously charged in (5) cases between (murder, coerced theft, weapon), and is required to be executed in A court ruling issued against him for life imprisonment in the case of (coerced theft and cutting off a road), and it is required to arrest him and bring him in two cases (kidnapping a citizen, coercing theft and armed robbery).
2. Unemployed – he was previously accused in (8) cases between (kidnapping, coerced theft, theft) and is required to implement it in (3) judicial rulings issued against him in cases (kidnapping a citizen, theft and a weapon, theft of an electrical current). The length of the sentence Sentenced against him there is a 13-year prison sentence, and it is required to arrest him and bring him in two cases (kidnapping a citizen, coerced theft and armed robbery); residing in the eastern Hawtah, the Dirout Police Station department in Assiut, on the Nile islands located in the western side of the Nile River and the village of Hawatkeh district in the Manfalot Center department in the Assiut security zone.

The Ministry added in its statement that, after codifying the procedures and taking all the necessary security measures, their hiding places were targeted by an enlarged security campaign headed by the Public Security Sector and with the participation of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Assiut Security Directorate and the Central Security Forces; and after arriving at the place and sensing the aforementioned elements by the forces, they launched a barrage of gunfire towards them, Immediately, the two forces exchanged them until the situation was controlled and the source of the fire silenced, and the dealing resulted in the death of the accused, and two bodies were found next to their bodies (2 automatic rifles, 5 storage, 60 caliber bullets).

The necessary legal measures have been taken.

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