Iraq arrested the mufti of ISIS, Al-Badin


The Iraqi authorities announced today, Friday, that they have arrested the mufti of the terrorist organization ISIS after a raid in the northern city of Mosul.

The Security Media Cell wrote on its official newspaper, Facebook, that the healing of the blessing of the nickname “Abu Abdul Bari” was captured, after the Nineveh police received accurate information about the location of his hiding place, according to Sky News.She indicated that Iraqi security forces arrested Naama from a house in the Mansour neighborhood on the right side of the city of Mosul.

While the Security Media Cell was content with publishing one picture of the mufti, the ISIS, in which its features were hidden, social media pioneers circulated a number of its images.

A mufti appears in one of the photos, during an arrest by the Iraqi police Swat, and another photo shows the size of the mufti of ISIS.

The Iraqi authorities say that the ISIS mufti was working as an imam and preacher in a number of Mosul mosques, noting that he is known for his sermons that incite the security forces and urge membership in the terrorist organization and pledge allegiance to it.

And “Abu Abdul Bari” was spreading takfiri thought during the ISIS control of the city of Mosul before Iraqi forces expelled it in 2017, according to Baghdad.

The Security Media Cell confirmed that the Islamic State’s mufti is responsible for issuing fatwas that authorized the execution of a number of scholars and clerics who refrained from pledging allegiance to ISIS.

In addition, he issued a fatwa authorizing the bombing of the Prophet Yunus mosque, peace be upon him, which is one of the most prominent historical mosques in Mosul.

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