“Irrigation” on “Renaissance Dam” negotiations: clear definitions of “drought” (statement)


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The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation said, in an official statement, today, Friday, that some malicious sites addressed wrong information about the last round of the Renaissance Dam negotiations in Washington and the final statement issued by the meeting, which dealt with many important points that were previously mentioned in the Washington meeting on December 9 She explained that it was talked about the quantities of water to be stored and the years of filling by indicating that the filling will be according to the river’s hydrology in the sense that it depends on the amounts of the flood changing from one year to another, and this concept does not depend on the number of years and quantities stored each year in a specific or fixed manner but rather Depending on the river’s hydrology and flood situation.

The ministry added that «the statement of the three countries in Washington addressed the first filling phase in a quick time, and the operation of the turbines to generate energy, which achieves the main goal of the dam without significant impact on the downstream countries to contribute to providing energy for the Ethiopian people», stressing that «definitions and descriptions of drought have been reached The prolonged drought, and Ethiopia is committed to mitigating the consequences, and details will be finalized in this framework in the consultations for the next two weeks. ”

She explained that «there are many important points that the technical and legal discussion will be completed through a specific time frame within the next two weeks that ends with the Washington meeting in late January, the most important of which is cooperation in operating rules and implementation mechanisms and the quantities of behaviors that will be launched according to different cases, as well as the mechanism for resolving disputes Which may arise from the reset of the employment policy due to changes in the amount of flooding from one year to another or from one period to another, and the details will also be audited in all the frameworks that have been agreed upon.

She stressed that the next meeting represents a great importance for consensus on all outstanding matters and reaching a comprehensive agreement, and the Ministry of Water Resources denied what was reported with some malicious press reports that spread a lot of confusion, by referring to great pressure on Egypt to give up some of its demands, which is contrary to the truth And the witness to that is what was included in the statement issued by the meetings, which refers to foundations consistent in its operative, philosophy and essence with the Egyptian proposals.

The Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation called on the media to investigate the accuracy, and it should be noted that the official statements issued by the ministry and the statements issued by the ministry’s spokesperson are the main reference to the information in order to ensure that the ministry informs the public opinion of all the details and reveals it to the truth.

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