Islam Gamal stands in front of Yasmine Abdel Aziz in “We Love Tani Les” next Ramadan


Artist joined Islam Jamal to the family of the series “We Love Tany Les” by Yasmine Abdel Aziz, To be shown next Ramadan, produced by Synergy, written by Amr Mahmoud Yassin, directed by Mostafa Fekry, and pictures of Islam, the first spectator in Zamalek that I gathered with Yasmine Abdel Aziz and Karim Fahmy. Islam embodies a personality called Omar Fouda who works as a manager of the contracting company owned by his friend Karim Fahmy During the events.

The series “We Love Tani Les” starring Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Sherif Mounir and Karim Fahmy, and the selection of the other artists participating in the action championship, which takes place in a social and romantic framework that includes some comic scenes, is about the problems of the couple and the family in general, where an issue is discussed from the reality of society and most suffer Couples.

“And we love Tani Les,” along with Yasmine Abdel Aziz, Sherif Mounir, Karim Fahmy, Sawsan Badr, Islam Gamal, Samar Morsi, Badria Tolba, Iman El Sayed, Laila Ezz Al Arab, in addition to a group of young artists, in the championship..

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In another context, Islam Gamal is still portraying his role in the series “Seal of the Tiger” by the star Ahmed Salah Hosni, which is currently shown on the TV channel on eAnd it was written by Mohamed Abdel-Moaty, and directed by Ahmed Samir Farag, and since the launch of the series, the audience was applauded, especially the story that relied heavily on the shocks between two brothers and was destroyed by Ahmed Salah Hosni and Islam, as well as the issue of love and revenge dealt with in the series.

Next to Ahmed Salah Hosni, Nesreen Tafesh, Islam Jamal, Mirhan Hussein, Jamil Barsoum, Tamer Shaltout, Ibrahim Farah, Roshdy Al-Shami, Wafa Salem, Afaf Shuaib, Karim Al-Omari, Hasna, and others, will participate in “Seal of the Tiger” alongside Ahmed Salah Hosni..

“Seal of the Tiger” is the first starring for Ahmed Salah Hosni in the TV drama, after he presented many successful works during the last period, the last of which is the series “My Story” with the artist Yasmine Sabry last year, and the series “Seal of the Tiger” is attended by Afaf Shuaib, Islam Jamal, Jamil Barsoum, Mirhan Hussein, Written by Mohamed Abdel Moaty, directed by Ahmed Samir Farag, produced by Synergy, and affiliated with the quality of the 45-episode series.


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