Ismaili closes the door to leave in front of Messi Al-Arab .. Know the reason


Ismaili Club officials closed the door to leaving the Iraqi international Humam Tariq The player of the team claimed the need for his efforts during the Arab Championship and League and Cup competitions, as officials of the Yellow Castle rejected the idea of ​​the departure of the player who is associated with an extended contract with the Dervishes for another season other than the current season, and a source close to Hammam Tariq revealed the player’s desire to leave the yellow castle both in a period The current winter transfers or the end of the season at the latest, and a source close to Hammam Tariq said that the player notified the Ismaili administration of his desire to leave because he did not feel comfortable inside the Dervish Castle in addition to the player having Gulf offers.

The same source revealed in exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day” that Hammam Tariq had strained his relationship with the Ismaili club after the administration refused to participate with the Iraqi national team in the Gulf Championship 24, which was held in Qatar due to the fact that it is a friendly tournament and the Dervish is linked to official matches at the same time.

The source adds: “Humam Tariq refused to participate in the Ismaili matches due to his feeling of exhaustion and his need for rest, and the technical staff agreed to rest him a week to pack his bags and head to Dubai to spend the vacation there before notifying the administration of his intention to leave the Dervish

Ismaili contracted with Humam Tariq last summer in a free transfer deal, and the player nicknamed Messi Al-Arab underwent professional experiences, including Al-Ahly and Al-Dhafra Emirati, after he left the Iraqi Air Force in the summer of 2013, and the 23-year-old is good at playing in several centers alongside the left wing, such as the right wing and the attacking center As well.

Away from the foregoing, the administrative apparatus of the Ismaili first football team, led by Tariq Abu Al-Layl and Ahmed Saleh, began to intensify their efforts to organize a friendly match after each official match.

This came, at the request of the new French technical director, Didier Gomez, in order to get to know more about the capabilities of all players in addition to preparing the substitutes and excluded in anticipation of the use of the services of any of them due to the limited time between matches.

And the team has returned to thatStrategy After the army’s meeting with the last round of the league, the team fought friendly in front of the arsenal and ended with the victory of the Dervish two-for-one.


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