It contains a rare animal and mummified bird .. “The Interior” raided an unlicensed farm


01:45 PM

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Books – Mohamed El-Sawy:

Environment and Bodies Department officers at Dakahlia Security Directorate managed to control a farm containing a large number of rare and endangered animals and birds without permission.

The Ministry of Interior said in a statement today, Wednesday, that it is a continuation of the efforts of the Ministry of Interior bodies exerted to protect the environment and control violations and issues related to environmental protection, especially issues related to the possession and trafficking of animals and birds threatened with extinction, as the Environment and Surveys Department at Dakahlia Security Directorate in partnership with the administration The General Department of Environment and Surface Police with a magnified campaign targeting the Aga / Mit Ghamr centers.

Efforts resulted in controlling a farm for breeding animals and reptiles – without a permit – located in the department of the Aga Police Station in Dakahlia Governorate, and containing 65 birds and animals that are rare and endangered, and 25 birds and mummified animals, and a large number of reptiles.

Also, 3 different cases and 12 serious waste cases were seized, consisting of “medical, electronic, and petroleum wastes” consisting of jerry cans of petrol oil amounted to (156) tons, to be circulated within the black market.

The necessary legal measures have been taken.

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