It lost 15 piasters during a week .. The dollar continues to decline thanks to cash flows and the decline in demand for the importer


The dollar continued to decline, reaching a decline of approximately 15 piasters within a week, where it fell today, Wednesday, by 3 piasters, as it was recorded in both Banque Misr and Al-Ahly of Egypt 15.85 pounds for purchase, and 15.95 pounds for sale.

The price of the dollar fell last Thursday, about 7 piasters at one time, to record the exchange rate of the dollar against the pound 15.93 for purchase, compared to 16 pounds for the dollar, last Wednesday, which is the average exchange rate announced by the Central Bank of Egypt.The main reasons for the decline in the dollar exchange rate against the pound are due to the increase in foreign exchange flows, especially the funds of the financial portfolios, which are estimated between 200 to 300 million dollars per day, and rise to 500 million dollars on some days, in addition to the decline in demand for the dollar during the current period after legalization Import modes.


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