It should be removed immediately .. 17 Android phone apps drain the battery


Bitdefender’s cybersecurity researchers have discovered a list of 17 apps on the app store Android Google Play works to display ads randomly on the user’s phone, even when applications are closed, according to the technical website “gadgets 360”.These include advertising apps including barcode reader, car racing game, weather app and many background applications, such as Car Racing 2019, Screen Stream Mirroring, Transfer Data Smart, Period Tracker – Cycle Ovulation Women’s, Barcode Scanner and more.
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According to Bitdefender’s report, the 17 apps have been downloaded more than 550,000 times, and Google said: “She is aware of the apps in question and is about to remove them from her store.” Many apps have also been designed to remove their icons from the phone once the ads start broadcasting, which makes Tracking the source is more difficult.Although the developers of these applications are different, they have the same harmful effects on the users phone, as they were designed to operate normally for several hours in order to avoid detection, then after 48 hours they begin to divide their core files into multiple guides to evade malware detection tools, It also stops serving ads for four hours after installing the application.

After that, these applications start to download popup ads or broadcast them using the phone data, which leads to the drain of battery life, and these applications do not necessarily have to be open until popup ads appear, and they are programmed to appear at random times so that it is difficult for users when they appear on the screen.

The affected users have left them affected Malicious applications, Many reviews with shocking warnings that the apps bypassed the malware detection tools from Google, and one of the users wrote: “The app displays ads in full screen mode, never installs it”, while another user wrote: “The application went became invisible from Existing and drains the battery as well as displaying unwanted ads among other applications. ”

The list of applications includes:
1. Car Racing 2019.
2. (4K Wallpaper (Background 4K Full HD.
3. Backgrounds 4K HD.
4. QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Pro.
5. File Manager Pro – Manager SD Card / Explorer.
6. VMOWO City: Speed ​​Racing 3D.
7. Barcode Scanner.
8. Screen Stream Mirroring.
9. QR Code – Scan & Read a Barcode.
10. Period Tracker – Cycle Ovulation Women’s.
11. QR & Barcode Scan Reader.
12. Wallpapers 4K, Backgrounds HD.
13. Transfer Data Smart.
14. Explorer File Manager.
15. Today Weather Radar.
16. Big Fish Frenzy.
17. Clock LED.


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