It starts with 55,000 pounds .. Find out about the Hajj pilgrimage prices for the 2020 season


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Thursday 30 January 2020

Books – Youssef Afifi:

The religious tourism sector is awaiting the approval of Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, on the regulations governing the Hajj pilgrimage, after re-discussion by the Higher Committee for Hajj and Umrah and the Chamber of Tourism Companies and presenting them to the Minister.

The owners of tourism companies operating in the season expect the price of the Hajj, “Economic and Aviation” economic pilgrimage programs to increase between 8 to 10 thousand pounds, compared to last year.

The owners of the companies explained that this increase comes as a result of the added fees on the electronic path of the Hajj such as (300 riyals repetition fees and 200 riyals insurance fees and 620 riyals transportation fees per response to move to the holy sites of Mona and Arafat, in addition to 5% the annual increase in hotel prices in Mecca and Medina and 500 Real increase by raft check “commuter).

The companies have started announcing the prices of their programs, through their pages on social media, and offering discounts of up to 8 thousand pounds for those booked early, with the aim of attracting the largest possible number of citizens wishing to perform the Hajj for this season.

She explained that the reservation is only permitted in the passport, and a copy of the ID card is valid, knowing that the announced prices do not include the price of the airline ticket except for the “ground” level and the price will be determined after the lottery by the airline (Egypt Air and Saudi Airlines).

The prices are as follows:

55 thousand pounds for the level of economic pilgrimage.

58 thousand pounds for the wild level.

94 thousand pounds for the level of 4 stars.

125 thousand pounds for the level of 5 stars.

It is scheduled that the new controls include that the amount of the seriousness of reservation for the tourist level is 5 stars, the capacity of 20 thousand pounds, the amount of 15 thousand pounds for the tourist level 4 stars, and the amount of 10 thousand pounds for the two levels (economic and land), according to a mechanism that allows depositing and redeeming the amount of the reservation reservation by Citizen.

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