Jaber Nassar comments on the ruling to support the ban on wearing the veil for Cairo University faculty members


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Dr. Jaber Nassar, the former president of Cairo University, commented on the ruling supporting the ban on wearing the veil of female members of the faculty of Cairo University, saying: “The decision is a victory for the university and the values ​​of enlightenment and modernity for the quality of the educational process.”

Nassar said in an intervention with the “Cairo Now” program on “Al-Hadath” satellite channel, on Monday evening, that “the decision is a founding and important principle from the highest administrative summit in the administrative judiciary, represented by the Supreme Administrative Court,” stressing that “the ruling establishes a judicial principle that The educational process cannot be valid with the veil. ”

He pointed to the need to generalize the ruling to all universities and schools, to prevent the veil from communicating between students and professors, explaining that the ruling spoke about its reasons for public office and the requirements of its occupation and the conditions that must be met in the uniform.

He added that the decision applies to Al-Qasr Al-Aini Hospitals and Cairo University Hospitals, following: “I took this decision in September 2015, in addition to another decision that includes banning the veil in hospitals and was awaiting in its legitimacy the same ruling issued today.”

The Supreme Administrative Court ruled to reject the appeal submitted by 80 veiled researchers at Cairo University, and to support the ruling issued by the Administrative Judicial Court on the decision of the university president to ban the veil on female faculty members.

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