Juergen Klopp told me that I am 100 times better than Mohamed Salah … video


Former Egyptian national team player Mohamed Zidan revealed his praise and appreciation to Jurgen Klopp, the Liverpool manager. Mohamed Salah, On the authority of Muhammad Abu Trika, a former Al-Ahly playmaker.And he said Zidane In TV remarks on On Sport: “When I sit with Juergen Klopp, he informs me that my skill, while practicing football, is higher than Mohamed Salah 100 times, and he told me that I should have been 100% focused on the ball and on muscle strength and personal training, what Salah currently applies to the ball is what Messi and Ronaldo applies. ”

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And by asking him what he does Zidane If time returned to me to reach a position Mohamed Salah?, He answered: “If time passes by, I will be more focused in football, professionalism and training.”

He continued:Mohammad Abu Traikah If he had taken a chance he would have been like Mohamed SalahImad Miteb, a first-class sniper, is one of the best players to play near them.


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